Estimation of Deer Damage to Soybean Production in Mississippi: A Temporal and Spatial Context:

Mississippi soybean production is currently ranked 14th in the nation with over 76 million bushels produced on 2,695 farms, with a 2010 economic impact of $846 million. Mississippi's deer population is currently estimated to be ≥ 1.75 million animals, with an economic impact to Mississippi in excess of $800 million.Although both soybeans and white-tailed deer are very important to the Mississippi economy, white-tailed deer readily consume soybeans and soybean production has been linked to population dynamics of deer in Mississippi. Thus, in areas where soybean production and deer populations co-occur, there will likely always be conflict regarding deer damage to soybean crops. We propose a study to estimate the impact of white-tailed deer on soybean production in Mississippi. We approach this research with the underlying assumption that in areas where deer populations and soybean production exist, there will be crop depredation to some extent, depending on, ultimately, deer abundance.

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