Wildlife Human Conflicts

Throughout civilization, humans and wildlife have co-existed. This coexistence has over time resulted in numerous conflicts, ranging from crop damage to human health and safety. Each year, these events cause billions in economic losses and are a substantive source of environmental damage that impairs ecological function of natural and managed systems. The Center for Human Wildlife Conflicts at Mississippi State University is a research and outreach program that attempts to find resolutions for these conflicts, through research, education and outreach. The Center is the first land-grant-based center in the United States devoted solely to facilitating human-wildlife coexistence through sound research and the education of citizens.

The Center for Human Wildlife Conflicts at Mississippi State University specializes in:

  • working with various stakeholders worldwide to improve human-wildlife coexistence and reduce conflicts
  • training undergraduate and graduate students to increase capacity in human-wildlife interaction management and resolution
  • providing information through journals and practical landowners/land manager guides, extension publications, and other informational material
  • offering continuing education and development opportunities for wildlife professionals
  • assisting clientele and the general public

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct research, provide educational outreach to various publics, and promote undergraduate and graduate education concerning both the resolution of human-wildlife and human-plant conflicts.

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