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  • Wild Hogs are NOT native to the United States or North America and are NOT considered to be wildlife!
  • Introduced by early settlers over 500 years ago, and were even viewed as a nuisance species then
  • Currently (4) categories in which they can be placed:
    • Eurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa ssp.) = individuals from populations of wild living boars in the Palearctic, Oriental, and Ethiopian realms with no domestication in their ancestry
    • Domestic Swine (Sus scrofa domesticus) = domesticated forms of pigs facilitated by some form of conscious artificial selection by man
    • Feral Swine or Feral Hogs (Sus scrofa) = individuals from populations of wild-living pigs with a domestic ancestry
    • Hybrids (Sus scrofa) = wild boar x feral hog hybrids are individuals from populations with some combination of both feral hogs and Eurasian wild boar in their ancestry
  • Known to carry at least 45 different parasites and diseases in which some can be transmitted to our NATIVE wildlife as well as humans!
  • Population can double each year and in just 10 years and what was just a few hogs can multiply to over 600!
  • Along with competing with our native wildlife for food it is estimated that they cause a loss of $1.5 billion per year in control costs and property damage which includes:
    • Crop destruction
    • Livestock mortality = newborn calves, lambs, and goats!
    • Forest regeneration = compromising production and ecological function
    • Water quality = fecal coliform levels and increased turbidity
    • Infrastructure damage = levee systems and right-of-ways
    • Disease vectors = Pseudorabies and Brucellosis (zoonotic)

Feral Hog
Feral Hog

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